We’re not sure what’s more frustrating—redoing work you forgot to save or being locked out of your critical
documents due to ransomware encryption.

Let us help you keep access to your mission-critical documents with regular, automated, and verifiable backups.

Our document backup service finds and backs up critical business documents on workstations, helping protect you
from data loss when full workstation system backup is not an option. It’s the easy, automated, and affordable way to
provide basic protection for your important business documents.

The simple, cost-effective way to protect your documents
Our file-level document backup service enables you to preserve your documents in a secure, compliant,
the accessible environment within an easily budgeted monthly agreement.

Key details:

  • Document backups are stored in a private cloud
  • Unlimited storage space is available
  • Backups automatically run twice per day
  • Backups are verified
  • Automatic 28-day retention provides you with 56 restore points for recovery
  • Your employees can retrieve files from the cloud on their own without needing to call our help desk
  • However, our help desk technicians are always available to assist if needed