The insidious nature of ransomware infections
Ransomware infections rely on YOU to help them do their damage.

• Your trusting nature: trust, but verify!
• Your curiosity: just don’t click!
• Your desire to save: pay for credible
• Your internet surfing abilities: stick with
official websites!

Ransomware is lurking around your industry

  • Professional services
  • Manufacturing
  • Public administration
  • Healthcare
  • Information technologies
  • Mining and utilities
  • Retail

SEVEN PROACTIVE WEAPONS against ransomware

  1. Back up your data daily
  2. Allow approved workflow applications
  3. Keep applications updated
  4. Use a business-class firewall
  5. Install email filtering
  6. Educate yourself about ransomware
  7. Implement an enterprise-level antivirus solution

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