Why Invest in IT Maintenance and Management for Your Animal Hospital?

  • You are more dependent on technology than ever before.
  • Your data is valuable to you—and cybercriminals—so it must be protected.
  • Your clients have growing expectations of you regarding tech use and data security.
  • You are increasingly utilizing cloud and mobile tech for in-office and fieldwork.
  • You want a life-work balance that doesn’t include endless hours of computer maintenance and security procedures.

Protecting Your Business – and Your Clients-from Data Breaches

  • Network security
  • Mobile device security
  • Email security
  • Advanced antivirus
  • Enterprise-class firewall
  • Security updates and patching
  • Data encryption and backup

Providing Cost-Effective IT Support for Your Clinic

Your veterinarians, technicians, and administrative staff are most effective when they have a responsive IT team to answer day-to-day tech questions and to address troubleshooting requests.

We provide:

  • Comprehensive IT care
  • A proactive IT support model
  • An easily budgeted IT support expense structure
  • Personalized IT Support for Veterinary

North America Covetrus states:

As a veterinary professional, computerization is a necessary component of your practice. But whether your focus is companion, equine or large animal, are you fully embracing the value of technology? Technological solutions can help increase patient communication, improve diagnostic potential and integrate business functionality. Software integration can help reduce error and labor time, boost productivity and enhance the quality of patient care.

Source: https://northamerica.covetrus.com/resource-center/education/case-studies/growing-role-of-technology-in-a-veterinary-practice (Accessed 09/12/2022)

Helping You Get the Most Productivity Out of Your IT Investment

The advantage of streamlining and/or introducing technology within the IT environment of a veterinary clinic is the reduction of effort spent on repetitive tasks. Our team aims higher than simply managing and securing your IT systems. We want to use technology efficiencies to lighten your workload and free up your time for what you want to do.

Our Proactive Model of IT Support for Veterinary

Instead of waiting for your IT systems to cause you headaches, we work proactively to keep your systems functioning at peak performance and security. This is accomplished by remotely maintaining, managing, and protecting your systems. We work diligently behind the scenes to spot and remediate potential problems before they can cause disruption and delay within your practice.

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